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Krishna District

Pastor. S. Raja Rao: Chief Co-Ordinator

Dear Trustees,
We thank you so much for your visit to our district. In this hot summer you really showed love and concern towards our district. As you are aware this district is low poverty line you are kind enough to help us with borewells, fancy stores, sewing machines and small scale projects. We are really blessed seeing people prosper and come out of poverty by starting their own businesses with their own talents.
In this Christmas season as the applicants are growing and you can imagine our vast areas, we would humbly ask you to help us with the following projects:

  • 100 Sewing Machines
  • 100 Small Scale Projects
  • 10 Fancy Stores
  • 5 Borewells
We would be only asking this and in future we hope we will grow on our own and see that we will allocate every month only how much we can give to the beneficiaries. We once again thank you for your love and support.

Surya Kanthamma

I am a poor woman and my husband is a drunkard. Although he earns he spoils the money and I have to work myself going for coolly. As I have skills in stiching the clothes, I have no access to get the Sewing Machine. I came to know about Change4Change and applied for the loan and to my surprise I got the loan and now I am really happy in giving my children food and other things. Thank you so much for your love and you are in other part of world but you cared for the people of poor and seen change in their lives.

Bokka Devi Rani

I am a graduate and unemployed. I went to so many companies but could not get a job as I come from below poverty line and my dress is also not proper. I thought of making suicide myself and in my church my pastor told he could give me a loan if I can put a fancy stores of my own. This really made my hopes alive and taken the loan and now I am so happy. The education does not give me a job, but change4change changed my life and I will never forget you for your great help. My little business is growing.

Hari Krishna

Dear Trustees,
Thank you so much for financing me through your organization. I tried a lot of banks for a little loan to keep a Xerox and local telephone booth. But they asked guarantors, home papers and so on. But my local Pastor when I asked him he just granted me the loan when I applied with little money. Straight away I have put my shop and my little business is growing an I am able to feed my children with my resources. Thank you so much for your kind help. God will richly bless you as you helped this poor family come out of poverty.

N. Narayana Rao

Dear Trustees,
Thank you so much for your financing of borewell in our village. It really blessed us a lot. When pagan people are not allowing us to take water, we are also now giving them pure water, our water near the church is pure water and the water they are getting is dirty water. Although they scolded us before, we are showing them love of Jesus, all the village recognized us now and through this physical waters we are showing them the rivers of salvation that Jesus gave free. Few people are changed and added to church. It is also bringing souls to the Kingdom of heaven. In our nearby villages we need 5 more borewells, we assure prompt payments, please do bless us. We thank you for your visit to us.

A Grand September

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